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Commercial Reactor Reactivity Analysis For Grand Gulf, Unit 1

J. W. Harwell
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The objective of this calculation is to document the Grand Gulf Unit 1 (GG1) reactivity calculations for sixteen critical statepoints in cycles 4 through 8. The GG1 reactor is a boiling water reactor (BWR) owned and operated by Entergy Operations Inc. The Commercial Reactor Criticality (CRC) evaluations support the development and validation of the neutronic models used for criticality analyses involving commercial spent nuclear fuel to be placed in a geologic repository. This calculation is performed as part of the evaluation in the CRC program. This report is an engineering calculation supporting the burnup credit methodology of Yucca Mountain Project (YMP) 200 (Ref. 5) and was performed under Framatone ANP Administrative Procedure 0402-01, Preparing and processing FANP Calculations (Ref. 4) and Framatome Quality Management Manual (Ref. 8).
The calculational method used to perform the reactivity analysis calculations consists of the three dimensional MCNP Monte Carlo neutron transport computer code used to analyze 16 measured critical condition statepoints that occured in cycles 4 through 8 in GG1.

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