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Hosting a Nuclear Facility: Mayors Discuss Role of Community Engagement

Irena Chatzis, IAEA Department of Nuclear Energy
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Engaging local stakeholders through transparent and open dialogue is pivotal for the success of nuclear projects. Engagement requires time, trust-building and adaptability as expectations evolve. In many places, communities that initially expressed scepticism or opposition have become advocates because of this engagement and better understanding of what it means to host a nuclear facility.

The IAEA recently hosted a meeting in Vienna that brought together leaders of nuclear facility host communities, representatives of facility operators, safety authorities and government officials from some 50 countries to share experiences in fostering positive relationships with local stakeholders. A group of host community representatives also met with IAEA Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi, who recognized the need for open engagement with stakeholders if low carbon nuclear energy is to achieve its potential in the clean energy transition.

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