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MCNP Evaluation of Laboratory Critical Experiments: Lattice Criticals

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The purpose of this analysis is to document the MCNP evaluations of benchmark lattice Laboratory Critical Experiments (LCE's). The objective of this analysis is to quantify the MCNP 4A (Reference 5.4) code system's ability to accurately calculate the effective neutron multiplication factor (keff) for various measured critical (i.e., keff= 1.0) configurations. This analysis quantifies the effectiveness of the MCNP criticality calculation for lattice configurations containing U02 and Pu02 fissile oxide fuel using two different cross section data libraries. The two cross section libraries utilized in this analysis include the following:
I) ENDF/B-V libraries generated by Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL); and 2) ENDFIB-VI libraries generated by LANL.
The results of this analysis will be used to support the development of the disposal criticality analysis methodology.

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