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Nuclear Criticality Calculations for Canister-Based Facilities - DOE SNF

B. A. Matthews
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The purpose of this calculation is to perform waste-form specific nuclear criticality safety calculations to aid in establishing criticality safety design criteria, and to identify design and process parameters that are potentially important to the criticality safety of Department of Energy (DOE) standardized Spent Nuclear Fuel (SNF) canisters. It is intended that the results of the criticality safety calculations provided in this document will
be used to support the criticality safety analysis of normal operations and off-normal conditions associated with the receipt, handling and loading of DOE SNF canisters into 5-DHLW/DOE SNF Waste Packages (WPs) in the surface facilities, in addition to the emplacement of loaded and sealed WPs in the sub-surface facility. With respect to surface facilities; it is noted that the Wet Handling Facility (WHF) and Initial Handling Facility (IHF) are specifically excluded from the scope of this calculation. Normally, DOE SNF canisters and WPs will not reside in the WHF and IHF.

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