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Spending Time on Spent Nuclear Fuel

American Nuclear Society
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Making progress on the long-term management of spent nuclear fuel can be fraught with political and economic challenges, but groups within the U.S. are looking to try and tackle the challenge from many different angles. As the government ramps up efforts to support spent nuclear fuel management up to the limits of the law, ANS and others are making recommendations around, and receiving funding oriented to, pathways for progress. Alongside the Department of Energy, panelists from ANS, Orano, and Oklo offered perspectives on the many levers and opportunities associated with the spent nuclear fuel management question and how each organization is looking to see the challenge tackled.


  • Sven Bader, Technical Consultant, Orano Federal Services
  • Erica Bickford, Acting Office Director, Integrated Waste Management, Department of Energy
  • John Kessler, President, J Kessler and Associates
  • Kim Petry, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition (Acting), Department of Energy
  • Everett Redmond, Senior Director of Fuel Affairs, Oklo
  • Natalia Saraeva, Team Lead, Consent-Based Siting, Department of Energy


  • Katrina McMurrian, Executive Director, Nuclear Waste Strategy Coalition (NWSC)
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