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Validation of SCALE (SAS2H) Isotopic Predictions for BWR Spent Fuel

Thirty spent fuel samples obtained from boiling-water-reactor (BWR) fuel pins have been
modeled at Oak Ridge National Laboratory using the SAS2H sequence of the SCALE code system.
The SAS2H sequence uses transport methods combined with the depletion and decay capabilities
of the ORIGEN-S code to estimate the isotopic composition of fuel as a function of its burnup
history. Results of these calculations are compared with chemical assay measurements of spent fuel
inventories for each sample. Results show reasonable agreement between measured and predicted


An Extension of the Validation of SCALE (SAS2H) Isotopic Predictions of PWR Spent Fuel

Isotopic characterization of spent fuel via depletion and decay calculations is necessary for
determination of source terms for subsequent system analyses involving heat transfer, radiation
shielding, isotopic migration, etc. Unlike fresh fuel assumptions typically employed in the criticality
safety analysis of spent fuel configurations, burnup credit applications also rely on depletion and
decay calculations to predict the isotopic composition of spent fuel. These isotopics are used in