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CRC Reactivity Calculations for Quad Cities Unit 2

In the development of a methodology to account for exposure effects on the reactivity of spent Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) fuel in the proposed Monitored Geologic Repository (MGR) at Yucca Mountain, the accuracy of the methods used to predict the inventories of fissile and fissionable nuclides as well as neutron poisons present in the spent fuel must be established. One aspect ofthis confirmatory effort is accomplished by performing benchmark problems for known in-reactor critical configurations - Commercial Reactor Criticals (CRCs).


MCNP CRC Reactivity Calculation For Quad Cities BWR

The purpose of this analysis is to document the Commercial Reactor Critical (CRC) benchmark evaluation performed for the Quad Cities Unit 1 boiling water reactor (BWR). The CRC benchmark is performed at a beginning of life (BOL) statepoint representing reactor start-up critical conditions. The objective of this CRC benchmark analysis is to provide a validation benchmark for the MCNP 4A analytic tool for use in the disposal criticality analysis methodology.


CRC Depletion Calculations for Quad Cities Unit 2

The purpose of this calculation is to document the Quad Cities Unit 2 boiling water reactor (BWR) fuel depletion calculations performed as part of the commercial reactor critical (CRC) evaluation program. The CRC evaluations constitute benchmark calculations that support the development and validation of the neutronics models used for criticality analyses involving commercial spent nuclear fuel in a geologic repository. The revision of this calculation incorporates control blade effects and minor variations in the SAS2H assembly modeling.