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Dry Transfer System for Spent Fuel: Project Report: A System Designed to Achieve the Dry Transfer of Bare Spent Fuel Between Two Casks

Use of an on-site dry transfer system (DTS) allows utilities with limited crane capacities or other plant restrictions to take advantage of large efficient storage systems. By using this system, utilities can also transfer fuel from loaded storage casks to transport casks without returning to their fuel storage pool.


YMP Preliminary Wet Handling Facility Throughput Study

This study describes the development of a preliminary throughput estimate for a Wet Handling Facility (WHF)/ used fuel repackaging factility. This study estimates the throughput for the WHF License Application design for a repository at Yucca Mountain as of September 2007. This design freeze allowed for the development of the throughput study without having to accommodate for minor updates to the facility design and documentation leading up to the License Application.


Consolidated Interim Storage of Commercial Spent Nuclear Fuel

Approximately 54,000 tons of spent nuclear fuel are stored at operating nuclear power
plants and several decommissioned power plants throughout the country. Spent fuel
storage at these sites was never intended to be permanent. The current Federal plan is to
place the fuel in a repository for permanent disposal in Nevada at Yucca Mountain.
Recently, appropriations committees in Congress suggested building one or more Federal
sites for consolidated interim storage of spent fuel. Several reasons were identified. The