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DOE SRS HLW Glass Chemical Composition

The purpose of this engineering calculation is to provide the chemical composition for the Department of Energy (DOE) Savannah River Site (SRS) High-Level Waste (HLW) glass. Since the glass is to be co-disposed with other DOE spent nuclear fuels (SNFs) in the Monitored Geologic Repository (MGR), its chemical composition is needed for the design of the co-disposal canisters and waste packages in term of criticality and degradation.


TRIGA Fuel Phase I and II Criticality Calculation

The purpose of this calculation is to characterize the criticality aspect of the codisposal of TRIGA (Training, Research, Isotopes, General Atomic) reactor spent nuclear fuel (SNF) with Savannah River Site (SRS) high-level waste (HLW). The TRIGA SNF is loaded into a Department of Energy (DOE) standardized SNF canister which is centrally positioned inside five-canister defense SRS HLW waste package (WP). The objective of the calculation is to investigate the criticality issues for the WP containing the five SRS HLW and DOE SNF canisters in various stages of degradation.