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Forum on Stakeholder Confidence

The FSC was established primarily to serve the Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) Radioactive Waste Management Committee (RWMC) constituencies, including implementers, regulators, policy makers, research & development personnel from member nations that are involved in interactions with stakeholders. The FSC identifies a mandate (NEA, 2004) that includes:

  • To define, oversee and carry out work program activities in the strategic area of public perception and stakeholders’ confidence as assigned by the RWMC

  • To advise the RWMC on major and emerging issues in the area of public perception and stakeholders’ confidence related to waste management.

  • To act as a forum to share experience in achieving stakeholders’ confidence and, in particular, in how to obtain the confidence of local communities, and their representatives and intermediaries with the technical decision makers.

  • To analyze today’s processes for embedding waste management programs into a socio-political decision-making context.

  • To identify opportunities for harmonized views of Member countries, regarding:

    • Successful and unsuccessful experiences in interacting with stakeholders.

    • Technical concerns of stakeholders.

    • Effective means of communicating with technical and non-technical audiences.