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Hamilton, L. H.
Scowcroft, B.
Ayers, M. H.
Bailey, V. A.
Carnesale, A.
Domenici, P. V.
Eisenhower, S.
Hagel, C.
Lash, J.
Macfarlane, A. M.
Meserve, R. A.
Moniz, E. J.
Peterson, P. F.
Rowe, J. W.
Sharp, P.
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The Blue Ribbon Commission on America_s Nuclear Future (BRC) was formed by the Secretary<br>of Energy at the request of the President to conduct a comprehensive review of policies for<br>managing the back end of the nuclear fuel cycle and recommend a new strategy. It was cochaired<br>by Rep. Lee H. Hamilton and Gen. Brent Scowcroft. Other Commissioners are Mr.<br>Mark H. Ayers, the Hon. Vicky A. Bailey, Dr. Albert Carnesale, Sen. Pete Domenici, Ms. Susan<br>Eisenhower, Sen. Chuck Hagel, Mr. Jonathan Lash, Dr. Allison M. Macfarlane, Dr. Richard A.<br>Meserve, Dr. Ernest J. Moniz, Dr. Per Peterson, Mr. John Rowe, and Rep. Phil Sharp.<br>The Commission and its subcommittees met more than two dozen times between March<br>2010 and January 2012 to hear testimony from experts and stakeholders, to visit nuclear<br>waste management facilities in the United States and abroad, and to discuss the issues<br>identified in its Charter. Additionally, in September and October 2011, the Commission<br>held five public meetings, in different regions of the country, to hear feedback on its draft<br>report. A wide variety of organizations, interest groups, and individuals provided input to the<br>Commission at these meetings and through the submission of written materials. Copies of all<br>of these submissions, along with records and transcripts of past meetings, are available at<br>the BRC website (<br>This report highlights the Commission_s findings and conclusions and presents<br>recommendations for consideration by the Administration and Congress, as well as interested<br>state, tribal and local governments, other stakeholders, and the public.

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