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There are no nuclear power plants in Utah. Despite that, Utah is targeted to be the site of the largest facility ever licensed for storage of spent nuclear fuel rods (high-level nuclear waste) from nuclear power plants. This proposed site would store up to 40,000 metric tons of spent nuclear fuel. The storage of this amount of waste in one location is equivalent to all the commercial spent nuclear fuel rods in the United States. The Federal government has responsibility for permanently storing this high-level nuclear waste, but after 18 years, it has missed the deadline. The deep geologic storage facility is still not licensed or constructed. Currently, high-level nuclear waste is stored at power plants in states and communities which have benefited from utility jobs and taxes. Now Private Fuel Storage, LLC (PFS), a limited liability company formed by 8 out-of-state utilities with nuclear power plants in the East, South, Mid-West, and California, wants to ship their nuclear waste to Utah and store it above-ground on cement pads at the Skull Valley Band of Goshutes Reservation in Tooele County, 45 miles southwest of Salt Lake City. When PFS ships the high-level nuclear waste, it shifts the risk, from the communities that realized the benefits, to Utahns who once again, not of their own choice, find themselves downwind, showered with promises of nuclear safety.

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