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Canister Handling Facility Criticality Safety Calculations

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This design calculation revises and updates the previous criticality evaluation for the canister handling, transfer and staging operations to be performed in the Canister Handling Facility (CHF) documented in BSC (Bechtel SAIC Company) 2004 (DIRS 167614). The purpose of the calculation is to demonstrate that the handling operations of canisters performed in the CHF meet the nuclear criticality safety design criteria specified in the Project Design Criteria (PDC) Document (BSC 2004 [DIRS 171599], Section, the nuclear facility safety requirement in Project Requirements Document (Canori and Leitner 2003 [DIRS 166275], p. 4-206), the functional/operational nuclear safety requirement in the Project Fucntional and Operational Requirements document (Curry 2004 [DIRS 170557], p. 75), and the functional nuclear criticality safety requirements described in the canister Handling Facility Description Document (BSC 2004 [DIRS 168992], Sections and 3.2.3).

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