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February 16, 2011 - Letter from Secretary Chu to the BRC, February 11, 2011

Steven Chu
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Dear Co-Chairs Hamilton and Scowcroft:
The Obama Administration believes that nuclear energy has an important role to playas America moves to a clean energy future. One of my goals as Secretary of Energy is to help restart America's nuclear industry, creating thousands of new jobs and new export opportunities for the United States while producing the carbon free energy we need to power America's economy.
Last year, the Administration announced a loan guarantee for what will become the first new nuclear power plant to begin construction in three decades and, with the existing and additional loan guarantee authority requested by the Administration, we could see six to nine reactors built in the United States. The Department has also launched a new Energy Innovation Hub to use one of the world's fastest supercomputers to accelerate upgrades to our existing reactor fleet and speed the development of next generation nuclear reactors.

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