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Six Overarching Recommendations for How to Move the Nation’s Nuclear Waste Management Program Forward

U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board
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The goal of this report is to communicate high-level recommendations to the U.S. Department of
Energy (DOE), which if adopted, the U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board (Board)
members believe will support the creation of a robust, safe, and effective nuclear waste
management capability for the nation, including laying the groundwork for a successful geologic
repository. The DOE nuclear waste management program encompasses the management and
disposal of spent nuclear fuel (SNF) and high-level radioactive waste (HLW), in addition to the
packaging and transportation of SNF and HLW, as well as issues arising from on-site storage of
commercial SNF that could affect those activities. Our recommendations and associated action
items emphasize the knowledge gained by the current Board members over the last decade
reviewing numerous DOE technical programs. They are also informed by the study of and a
number of visits to programs and facilities in other countries. The recommendations made in this
report are focused on addressing overarching aspects of how the nuclear waste management
program is performed and communicated, rather than on individual projects. We strongly
believe the progress the nation is making in developing its waste management capability, as well
as public and stakeholder acceptance, could be improved with regard to both timeliness and
effectiveness by adopting these recommendations as core principles of the nuclear waste
management program.