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Initial Site-Specific De-Inventory Reports


The US Department of Energy (DOE) is exploring options for developing a large-scale transportation system for the safe transport of spent nuclear fuel (SNF) and high-level radioactive waste to future storage or disposal facilities. This complex, large-scale transportation system will involve coordinated, integrated activities. Interfaces with various transportation and non-transportation activities must be defined, and systems must be developed to ensure successful integration when the system becomes operational.


YNPS Environmental Risk Work Plan

This document presents a work plan for performing an environmental risk assessment to support the environmental site closure underway at the Yankee Nuclear Power Station (YNPS). A work plan for the human health risk assessment was submitted as a
separate document (Gradient, 2006). The YNPS is located in the town of Rowe, situated in northwestern Massachusetts along the Deerfield River adjacent to Sherman Dam (Figure 1-1). Yankee Atomic Electric Company (YAEC) owns YNPS and surrounding


SAS2H Analysis of Radiochemical Assay Samples from Yankee Rowe PWR Reactor

The purpose of this design analysis is to determine the accuracy of the SAS2H module of SCALE 4.3 in predicting isotopic concentrations of spent fuel assemblies. The objective is to develop a methodology for modeling assemblies similar to those evaluated within this analysis and to establish the consistency of SAS2H predictions. The results of this analysis may then be applied to future depletion calculations using SAS2H in which no measurements are available.