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Dry Storage Cask Inventory Assessment, Revision 2

Robert H. Jones Jr.
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FCRD-NFST-2014-000602, Dry Cask Assessment, Rev 2.pdf (1.96 MB) 1.96 MB

The report, Commercial Spent Nuclear Fuel and High-Level Radioactive Waste Inventory Report(FCRDNFST- 2013-000263, Rev.4), provides information on the inventory of commercial spent fuel, referred to in this report as used nuclear fuel (UNF), as well as Government-owned UNF and High Level Waste (HLW) in the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) complex. Inventory forecasts for commercial UNF were made for a few selected scenarios of future commercial nuclear power generation involving the existing reactor fleet including one scenario involving reactors under construction. This report uses the data contained in FCRD-NFST-2013-000263 to define the existing inventory of UNF in dry storage. This information is integrated with data on dry storage canisters and casks from the report, Storage and Transport Cask Data for Used Commercial Nuclear Fuel, 2013 U. S. Edition (ATI-TR- 13047, August 9, 2013), in a Microsoft Access database (hereinafter referred to as the Dry Storage Cask/Inventory Database). The Dry Storage Cask/Inventory Database is used to produce queries for assessing the various systems used for the existing inventory of dry storage casks. The database and this report will be revised in the future as the inventory of fuel in dry storage changes and as additional information becomes available. Both bare fuel and canistered dry storage casks are currently used to dry store UNF. Only 4 utilities currently use bare fuel storage systems for dry storage at 5 reactor sites. Seven unique bare fuel storage cask systems are used to store a total of 9,150 used fuel assemblies in 204 total casks.

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