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Intact and Degraded Mode Criticality Calculations for the Codisposal of ATR Spent Nuclear Fuel in a Waste Package

Dionisie R. Moscalu
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The objective of this calculation is to perform intact and degraded mode criticality evaluations of the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Advanced Test Reactor (ATR) Spent Nuclear Fuel (SNF) placed in the DOE standardized SNF canister. This analysis evaluates the codisposal of the DOE SNF canister containing the ATR SNF in a 5-Defense High-Level Waste (5-DHLW) Short Waste Package (WP) (Bechtel SAIC Company, LLC [BSC] 2004a), which is to be placed in a monitored geologic repository (MGR). The scope of this calculation is limited to the determination of the effective neutron multiplication factor (keff) for both intact and degraded mode internal configurations of the waste package. These calculations will support the analysis that will be performed to demonstrate the technical viability of the design solution adopted for disposing of ATR spent nuclear fuel in the potential repository. This calculation addresses the codisposal viability of ATR SNF at Yucca Mountain repository and is subject to the Quality Assurance Requirements and Description (QARD) (DOE 2004a) per the activity evaluation for activity identifier, Section 8 in the Technical Work Plan for: Criticality Department Work Packages ACRM01 and NSN002 (BSC 2004e). This document is prepared in accordance with AP-3.12Q, Design Calculations and Analyses, and AP-3.15Q, Managing Technical Product Inputs.

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