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A Multiattribute Utility Analysis of Sites Nominated for Characterization for the First Radioactive Waste Repository - A Decision Aiding Methodology

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This report presents a formal analysis of the five sites nominated as
suitable for characterization for the first repository; the analysis is based
on the information contained or referenced in the environmental assessments
that accompany the site nominations (DOE, 1986a-e). It is intended to aid in
the site-recommendation decision by providing insights into the comparative
advantages and disadvantages of each site. Because no formal analysis can
account for all the factors important to a decision as complex as recommending
sites for characterization, this study will not form the sole basis for that
decision. To help the reader understand the context of the formal study and of
subsequent decisions, the remainder of this chapter presents additional background
information on the geologic repository concept, the Act, and the DOE
siting process, before and after the passage of the Act.

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