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Total System Model Version 6.0 GROA Department Design and Bases

deCastongrene, R.
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The Total System Model (TSM) is a planning tool that estimates the logistic and cost impacts of
various operational assumptions in accepting radioactive wastes. Waste forms currently tracked
are Commercial Spent Nuclear Fuel (CSNF), U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) spent nuclear
fuel (DOE SNF), and defense high-level (radioactive) waste (HLW). The TSM uses a TSM
Preprocessor (TSMPP) to generate the cask loads and target dates for shipments from waste
sites. The TSM then tracks these wastes from pickup at the waste sites until repository
emplacement, and calculates the various costs associated with transportation and emplacement.
The TSM also provides logistic information regarding the Civilian Radioactive Waste
Management System (CRWMS), including information relative to the waste stream movement
and the system resources required to accomplish that movement.
This manual provides detail on that portion of the model that simulates the operation of the
Geologic Repository Operations Area (GROA). Although some detail is presented as
background information, this manual assumes that the reader has a significant familiarity with
the current design of the GROA facilities. See the TSM User Manual (UM) (BSC 2007a) and
the documents referenced therein for more details on the TSM design and operation.
Note: The TSM model described in this document is Version 6.0. Version 6.0 is primarily based
on the GROA design as of September 2006, as described in references BSC 2006a, BSC 2007b,
and BSC 2007c. The aging processes are based on information from 2004 in Reference BSC
2004a. This version reflects a major redesign of the surface facilities as compared with the
previous versions of the TSM.
The screenshots in this manual may have small differences from the current version of TSM as
they are not updated if the changes are minor. It is suggested that the current TSM be opened
and used to see the current details in the Graphical User Interface (GUI).
This document was prepared in accordance with AP-ENG-006, Total System Model (TSM) –
Changes to Configuration Items and Base Case.

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