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Nuclear Power Joint Fact-Finding

The Keystone Center
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"Nuclear power has long been controversial; consequently, the debate about its reemergence requires a fresh assessment of the facts about the technology, its economics and regulatory oversight, and the risks and benefits of its expansion. In the past year, the Keystone Center assembled a group of 27 individuals (see the Endorsement page for a list of Participants) with extensive experience and unique perspectives to develop a joint understanding of the “facts” and for an objective interpretation of the most credible information in areas where uncertainty persists. Participants represent diverse backgrounds and points of view—environmental and consumer advocates, the utility and nuclear power industry, non-governmental organizations, state regulators and former federal regulators, public policy analysts, and academics. "

"The participants consulted with a number of respected experts and conducted original analyses to answer questions they believe to be most important to an informed debate: Can we develop a reasonable range of expected costs to compare with other alternatives? How quickly can nuclear power be expanded to contribute to reducing worldwide greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions? What is the best way to manage nuclear waste? Can existing commercial nuclear facilities, as well as the next generation of nuclear reactors, be expected to operate safely and with adequate security safeguards in place? Should additional institutions or safeguards be put in place to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons derived from commercial fuel cycle activities?"