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Storage and Transport Cask Data for Used Commercial Nuclear Fuel 2013 U.S. Edition

Greene, S. R., Medford, J. S., Macy, S. A.
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This document is a compilation of publically-available information on spent/used nuclear fuel storage and transport casks in use in the United States as of the summer of 2013. As such, it is a functional update and extension of JAI-582, “Shipping and Storage Cask Data For Commercial Spent Nuclear Fuel,” originally published by JAI Corporation in March 2005[1]. This report is intended to provide a convenient reference for those with interest in, or those engaged in the production, handling, storage, transport, and disposition of spent/used commercial nuclear fuel. Data for each cask is tabulated in a standardized table format to facilitate rapid access to key design and performance information, and to enable the document user to more rapidly conduct comparative analyses of cask design and performance parameters.
Multiple-assembly “canisters,” and both canister-based and non-canistered packages are included in the main body of the report. Packages that have been used in the past, but which are no longer in active use in the U.S., are included in Appendix A.